Arthur’s Bathroom Remodeling Arlington Heights

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Arthur’s Bathroom Remodeling Arlington Heights

Modern bathroom interior with minimalistic shower and lighting, white toilet, sink, bathtub and roofwindows

Have you ever admired a hotel bathroom due to its sleek perfection? They have great designs, and most people use them to renovate their home bathrooms and bedrooms. This article points out some fantastic hotel design ideas for bathrooms you might want to try.


  1. Minimalism is the king.

 Resorts and hotels tend to twist minimalist design to make it much better. Some use sophisticated designs, sleek designs, and straight-edge minimalistic features. Such designs merge with high-quality materials such as stone, wood, or marble to make a luxurious appearance.


  1. Simple, Basic, Neutral Colors

 Your home needs timeless, modern, and minimalist luxurious colors. Hotels use neutral yet trendy and classic colors at the same time. Such colors are the best due to their best look and longevity as well. Bathroom contractors Glen Ellyn can help you choose neutral and straightforward bathroom colors.


  1. Smart Features and Green Upgrades

 Hotels use new technology to make their bathroom livelier. This might be a good investment for you. This could be adding digital features like touch lighting, floor heating, and high-performance toilets.

 You can also go green as this has become a trend in hotels. Consider using LED lighting, low-flush toilets, and water-saver faucets.

 Enclosed Showers and Wet Rooms

 There are luxurious hotels with lovely large bathroom spaces. You will realize that these large spaces have been partitioned with bathing, showering, and relaxing spaces, among other things. If your bathroom space is large, consider creating such partitions to make it lively. 


  1. Gorgeous Bathroom Remodeling from Arlington Heights Contractors

 You can look for bathroom remodeling Arlington Heights Contractors to help you remodel your bathroom with modern styles. They can do full bath makeovers to showers and master bathroom transformation.

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