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Car Repair Northbrook | BTR Chicago Inc.

Selecting the proper winter tires for your vehicle

Snow tires

Snow tires/winter tires should be installed prior to the impending season change. They possess more treads which allows them to provide better traction. Many people utilize them when they will be living through extended winter conditions. Snow tires work well on snow, ice, mud, and cold surfaces. They have deeper treads and are designed to handle the ice much more optimally.

It is crucial for auto-owners to check their tires prior to the arrival of winter months. Preparing for the imminent winter weather will make sure a person’s vehicle is in proper order and that any passengers in their vehicle will be safe on the ice and snow when traveling for pleasure or business.

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For domestic and foreign car repair Northbrook residents recommend in addition to other vehicle maintenance or services, BTR Chicago Inc. is a company that will consistently provide you the impeccable care that you deserve and require.

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