Is Copper Roof Flashing Worth It? 

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Is Copper Roof Flashing Worth It? 

Having a new roof installed is a large job with many decisions to be made. If you want your roof to stand out and really make an impression, have you considered having copper roof flashing Chicago produced? The 3 main choices are aluminum steel and copper. Many homeowners go with steel and aluminum as they are the cheaper option, copper is more expensive but it has many benefits that make it worth it. 

Copper is considered a lifetime material

Compared to the other metals, copper has an exceptionally long lifespan. Correctly installed, copper sheeting should never need to be replaced and it should last in fact, as long as your house. So, if you are on a tight budget the fact that you wont need to ever replace it makes it a worthwhile investment.

Adding copper to your roof boosts your home’s overall curb appeal

Every homeowner wants to stand out from their neighbors, adding copper roofing materials will definitely get the job done! Adding copper roof flashing really boosts your home’s curb appeal. and adds value to your home. If you sell your home you will get a return on the money spent on your copper flashing. If copper is really out of your budget you could look at installing copper for other uses. Such as:copper gutters, chimney caps or awnings.

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