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Masonry Repair Glenview | Father & Son Masonry Inc.

Common Tuckpointing Errors

Tuckpointing refers to the removal of the old mortar between the bricks or blocks and the replacement of it with new mortar that matches the color and texture of the original mortar as closely as possible, in order for the structure to maintain an attractive appearance.

If the mortar in your house or building is beginning to deteriorate for some reason, you may first be tempted to perform some kind of masonry repair property owners often seek.

Sadly, in attempting a DIY, you have already committed your first tuckpointing error. The mortar sold directly in stores is specifically designed for use on modern brick. When utilizing this kind of mortar on old bricks, it will start to crack and deteriorate which will let moisture enter and damage the walls. Masonry repair residents recommend is professional and a DIY version is rarely a viable option.

One more of the most common errors of tuckpointing is to perform any type of masonry restoration prior to evaluating the potential problems that affect your mortar and masonry.

If you have any tuckpointing issues, you may hire Father & Son Masonry Inc. masonry contractors. We have plenty of experience and skill in the masonry repair residents require and can easily execute it, adhering to high standards of quality. So contact our masonry contractors today!

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