Stucco Wilmette & Stucco Repair Wilmette

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Stucco Wilmette & Stucco Repair Wilmette

How To Tell If Your Stucco Needs An Upgrade


Stucco is a practical solution for your exteriors at home or for your business. It is extremely hard and durable; it is visually appealing and cost-effective and also rots and fungus resistant. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, but with the proper one and care, you can make your stucco last longer.


Our Stucco Wilmette team is here to help you out.  We are experts in the field of stucco installation and restoration. Here is a list we created, so you can check out how to inspect your stucco and determine if it needs a repair!


  1. Firstly, it is really relevant to take into account how old your Stucco is.


  1. Inspect the Stucco Surface around your house or Business.


Go around and  inspect the area. Look for cracks or discoloration on the surface. They can be caused by aging or natural conditions. However, if you detect the following cracks on your stucco, call our team of experts:


Spider Cracks: When the stucco base coat is not cured properly, the mixture dries too fast and causes spider cracks.

Patterned Cracks: When the pillar that carried the stucco wasn’t secure during the installation causes some horizontal or vertical pattern crack. 

Hairline Cracks: Tiny crack caused by vibrations on or around the home.


  1. Try spotting Streaks or Stains while inspecting the area.


It may be easier to identify cracks but hard to spot brown stains or streaks. Water can also be prejudicial for your Stucco and stains can be the guide to find the problem. 


Our customers say that we are the most convenient and trusted stucco contractor Wilmette for your stucco maintenance or installation. Call us if you’ve any questions for your commercial business or residence.

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