Why Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is Valuable

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Why Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is Valuable

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a service of transportation to clients with non-life-threatening medical needs. The goal of NEMT is to enable individuals to live as independently and comfortably as possible, pursuing their daily activities with independence for both personal and medical reasons. Non emergency medical transportation is a type of transit system that provides door-to-door service for people who are unable to drive a car or take public transportation

The most common type of informal support provided by family caregivers is transportation. As many seniors rely on public transportation, many caregivers also take advantage of this perk. However, as some seniors require specialized transportation services or access to medical care facilities, they require additional formal help.

NEMT services offer seniors a convenient and affordable means of transportation to family gatherings, personal chores, and similar activities in addition to doctor’s appointments. Through a NEMT provider, seniors and their family members can expect health-focused transportation to accommodate their individual needs.

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