Why should you choose a led lightning?

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Why should you choose a led lightning?

The running costs of businesses are high, 90% of the costs are due to energy bills, primarily lighting. In traditional lighting systems, electricity is being converted into light, but most of it is converted to wasted energy, as heat, only a small amount of the energy gets converted to light. So the majority of the energy is being wasted just like your money!

LED lighting is so much more efficient because it converts energy into light in a completely different way, without producing excess heat. Its high energy efficiency also means you one reducing the carbon effect and not wasting energy.

LED light converts almost 100% of energy to light, whereas incandescent lighting converts 10% to light and 90% is wasted as heat. Incandescent lights last for around 1000 hours, whereas LED lighting lasts for between 50,000 and 100,000. So not only are you saving money on your energy bills You are also saving money by not having to replace the  lights so frequently. LED lighting also reduces your carbon footprint, it can be used in business premises, in homes, as outdoor lighting and indoor lighting. 

With such high energy costs, it stands to reason that businesses should upgrade to LED lighting, which is far more efficient. An upgrade would result in significant savings on energy bills. Using LED lighting will give you better lighting performance at a much lower cost. It will also be better for your customers and staff to have  good lighting  conditions within your premises. Research has shown that under good lighting conditions people are more productive and focused.

Using LED light may also make you eligible for state or federal rebates and incentives or rebates from energy suppliers. Contact your local electrical services Palatine today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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